MAXHUB EDU Series E6520 Interactive Display 65"


E6520 Best-in-class performance comes easily with the MAXHUB Interactive Flat Panel. Combining a pro-grade display with effortless operation and innovative safety features to protect students’ health, this classroom all-star meets the unique needs of young learners and those who teach them.

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A display that focuses attention, and fuels interaction.

Content comes alive on the E2 Series’ 4K, high-contrast screen. Images, text and handwriting are rendered with astonishing sharpness and professional-grade color accuracy. The flicker-free screen reduces eye strain, and anti-glare glass eliminates distracting reflections.

Easy on the eyes.

TÜV-certified to protect eyes and preserve students’ vision, the E2 Series’ display minimizes visual fatigue by reducing blue light and reflections, eliminating flicker, and automatically adjusting brightness to adapt to the indoor environment.

Write naturally, right from the start.

Providing a natural writing experience with no learning curve, the E2 Series enables teachers and students alike to write easily, silently and efficiently.

Share ideas, not germs.

Designed to inhibit bacterial reproduction and other risks, the E2 Series features an optional antimicrobial screen, which is specially coated and manufactured with 3mm tempered glass to protect users from accidental injury.

Thinks fast, responds instantly.

Count on the E2 Series to keep pace with the rapid flow of ideas in your classroom. Powerful processing performance erases system lag. The gigabit network card speeds through data downloads.

Audio that amplifies understanding.

The high-power speaker reaches every corner of your classroom, boosting engagement and student comprehension.

Backup with dual system.

Lose your fear of data loss. The optional one-click switch backup system provides powerful protection from software crashes.

Maximize utility with simplicity.

Bringing BYOD convenience and capabilities to the classroom, the E2 Series features an all-in-one Type-C interface for your mobile device.

Front Type-C interface for all-in-one video, audio, touch, network and charging transmission.

Supports audio and display up to 4K@60fps.
Supports charging up to 65W.
Laptop internet access via Type-C interface on web-connected the E2 Series displays.
Key Features

Flicker-free screen
Anti-glare glass
4K resolution
Eye-care mode
Ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment
Natural writing experience
Gigabit network card
Quad-core CPU with 4GB RAM
BYOD capable
Android 11 OS

Technical Specfications

DisplayDiagonal Size(inch): 65
Glass: Anti-glare, Tempered
Bonding: Zero parallax
Viewing Angle: 178° (H/V)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Backlight: DLED
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Contrast Ratio: 1200:1
Color Depth: 1.07B (10bit)
Color Gamut (typ.): 72% NTSC
Color Accuracy: Delta E ≤ 2
Refresh Rate: 60Hz
Response Time: 8ms
Brightness (typ.): 350cd/m²
Built-in SystemOperating System: Android 11.0
CPU: 2.0GHz quad core ARM A55
GPU: Mali-G52 MP2
PowerPower Supply: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (standby): ≤ 0.5W
Power Consumption (maximum) :400W (including OPS), 200W (excluding OPS)
EnvironmentOperating Temperature: 0℃-40℃
Storage Temperature: 20℃-60℃
Operating Humidity: 10%-90% RH
Storage Humidity: 10%-90% RH
SpeakerSound Channel: 2.0
Power Output : 2 x 12W
InteractivityTouch Sensor: Infrared (IR)
Touch Tool: Finger, Gesture, Stylus
Multitouch Capabilities: Up to 40 touch points (OS dependent)
Response Time: ≤ 10ms
Touch Accuracy: ±1.5mm
Object Recognition Range: ≥ 3mm
Stylus Type: Passive dual nibs
Supported Operating System (Touch Return): Windows10/Windows8/Windows7/WindowsXP/ Android/Linux/Mac OS X/Chrome OS
SoftwareScreen Share: Yes
Power Output: Yes
On Board Apps: Browser, Cloud Drive, System Keeper, Note, Palette, Annotate, Timer, Screen Record, Split Screen, Screen Lock, etc.
Physical SpecificationDimension (W x H x D): 1488.1 × 896.3 × 88.3 mm
Shipping Dimension (W x H x D): 1628 × 1024 × 208 mm
VESA: 600 x 400 mm, M8 × 25 mm 
Net Weight: 35.50 Kg
Gross Weight: 45.80 Kg
ConnectivityOPS Slot: Yes, 3840 x 2160 @ 60fps 
OPS Compatible: OPS62A 
Wired: 000baseT RJ45 x 2
Wi-Fi: 2.4Ghz, 5Ghz band 802.11ac/b/g/n/a/ax
HDMI: HDMI 2.0 In x 3, HDMI Out x 1 (Up to 4K @ 60fps)
Touch: USB Type-B x 2 
Control: RS-232 x 1
Analog: VGA In x 1
Audio: Audio In x 1, Audio Out x 1, S/PDIF Out x 1
USB Type-A: USB 3.0 x 4, USB 2.0 x 1
Multifunction Port: USB Type-C x 1
What's Included

3m Power Cord x1
1.4m HDMI Cable x1
5m USB Touch Cable (Type A-B) x1
1.8m USB Type-C Cable x1
Remote Control x1
Wall Mount x1
Stylus x2
Wireless Adapter x1
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